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We are currently taking free business listings. Terms are the quality description etc is of good quality. physical business, as well as an online business, are welcome to submit their businesses to be listed by us. please note that this is time-sensitive. our terms on this are those who apply for a free business listing. It will be therefor for those who submit now remain free forever

What is a Business Directory and How it Can Benefit Your Business!

If you have a business that operates out of physical bricks and mortar storefronts

then the odds are you want to attract customers that are nearby or local to you.

Sometimes people are looking for a specific business like yours. They tend to Google things nowadays but the problem is your business is not in a directory.

A Directory is like the online yellow pages but more specifically it captures some key elements of your business that can directly generate your new clients and thus sales.

We offer a business directory free of charge for the time being based on good quality. If you can provide us your business listing with good quality we will host it in our directory free of charge. most places ask hundreds of rands for the most basic package on a yearly basis and you won't really get any benefit from it.

Ours works really well as your business is linked to specific tags and can be searched using different methods. We also really invest in our websites marketing and SEO and you will indirectly benefit from thousands of rands a month in marketing as our names say Viral we are building a viral sales platform to cover worldwide advertisement at low fees and even free in some areas.

We provide your business directory with a website link. Description location and tags used for specific searches as suggestions. We are busy incorporating more features such as Google maps etc into our integration but if you are looking for more Local Business Promotion web-based please get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you where we can.


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