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Viral Sales was created as a multimedia platform to promote sales of individuals and of businesses any size at low fees. Our goal is to reach international buyers and sellers and bring them together to create prosperity for our users worldwide.

So for example, if you are a software developer who created a new app but you don't have a huge budget to make use of advertising agencies and want to advertise for low we provide such services making it possible for anyone in the world to advertise anywhere worldwide. So you can make use of our classified ads and stay in South-Africa but place your ad under America, Australia, Spain etc people who are looking for a specific service or product like yours will be able to buy it from you. We also do business listings, Blog content with backlinks.

Some tips and Guidance on Classified Ads

One of the most effective things in online marketing is ads.

I think it's fantastic for anything and can work for any business.

Whatever it is you are promoting.

A lot of people struggle with actually writing ads.

They don't know what they should do or what they should say or how they should say it.

These are our suggestions.

First of all, make your classified ads short. Don't create long ads.

An ad that is too long may just turn away the viewer and they may not finish reading it.

They may not read the whole thing and just skip to something else to another ad basically the same as yours but portrayed differently.

Keep it short and sweet.

The next thing is, it must be honest.

It has to be honest. Don't make things up and don't lie.

If you think that the system you are advertising can make a lot of money and you know that for some people it has made thousands you don't want to make that claim.

A nice and helpful trick to assist you in creating creative content

Most people hate spam. They hate spam emails and they can't stand it.

You let the thousands of spam emails collect and then you delete them all.

Well here is something that can really help your ads.

You can actually go and read those spam emails and then copy the content of them to a notepad

or word pad and then edit those ads or edit those spam emails to fit for your ads.

We won't suggest copying them.

But you can actually get some great quality in content and then just clean it up a bit to fit what you are promoting.

You may actually reach your goal of ads very quickly by doing that.

It is also a great way to write your headlines as well.

You can use the subject lines and edit those or mix them together or you could mix other ads together.

So that is another great way of doing it.

Another great way to write ads is to watch TV commercials.

Listen to the radio. Write down notes of things that you hear that stand out to you.

You may be able to write some good ads that way. Think about it, that these are professionals.

These are people who get paid a lot of money to do that. So why not learn from the best.

You can also go to ad sites and read ads that people are writing. Look at what they are doing.

You can learn from them. I wouldn't copy them exactly.

You can take a little bit of someone's ad and combine it with other ads to make your


When you write your ads.

This is kind of important. You don't want to say too much.

If you say too much that could actually prevent you from getting people to respond depending on how your ad is going to be.

You want to try to get them to get to that capture page.

A capture page or your landing page, those are good things to have, if you have a product or promoting or piece of artwork you want to have them go somewhere where they will

see that.

You really want to get them, to entice them,

Keep your ad simple and make it enticing.

Don't say too much, use bullet points, and if you do that you are going to have a much

better chance of succeeding and you will have better ads.


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