Herein is set forth the Terms and Conditions of

These terms and conditions are in effect from the date of 11 September 2020

We do not want to let it sound as if your signing a legal memorandum of some sort so we will be going over our terms and conditions in a casual manner.

Keeping it short and simple.

We do not allow schemes and scams. We do not endorse the behavior. and we do not take any form of responsibility to any personal loss in whatever shape or form.

We encourage safe business practices from both buyers and sellers. follow your own risk protocols in these events.

We won't allow ethnic hate promotions of any form and thus request all users to please respect others.

No illegal goods any form of drugs, firearms, hacking, etc as stated "illegal" if you can sell firearms legally it's allowed, etc.

No promotions of pornography or stolen goods.

Failure to comply will result in a block from our website.

Paid or free ads if they go against our Terms and Conditions we retain the right in full to remove content without any form of consent of compensation.